Sheridan Spring Open House Recap

Spring Open House

Thank you to all who attended Sheridan’s Spring Open House in April. For three short hours the campus came alive on a Saturday as thousands of prospective students and their families explored all that Sheridan has to offer.
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10 Smart Foods for Students

A healthy diet leads to healthy bodies — and minds. Studies show that students who eat well tend to do better academically than those who choose highly processed and sugar-laden foods.
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Welcome, Parents!

Mother hugging her graduate daughter

We created this blog just for you — the parents of prospective students and applicants at Sheridan.

Our goal is to help you support your child through his or her journey at Sheridan.
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Accepting Sheridan’s Offer of Admission

Three Students Looking at a Laptop Together

Congratulations! Sheridan sent an offer of admission — with a deadline to accept. Remind your student that this opportunity will expire if the acceptance is late. Now that your student has accepted their offer, what’s next?
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Helping Students Cope with Stress

Young woman in a classroom looking concerned

It’s completely normal for some students to feel panicked and stressed. That doesn’t mean we should ignore their feelings.
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