It’s Time to Talk About Tuition Fees

Your student applied to Sheridan, received an offer of admission and accepted it. That’s great news! I remember how excited we were when our son confirmed his offer. It’s not that I thought the day would never come, it just surprised me how quickly it arrived.

By now those students who have accepted their offers of admission will have been notified their fee invoice is available in myStudent Centre. The deadline for new students to pay their tuition deposit is June 13. It’s very important they remit payment on time in order to keep their seat in the program. Late payments could impact their enrolment as space may no longer be available in all their required courses. If this is your child’s first foray into finances, it’s a good idea to make sure they know what amount needs to be paid and when.

Not all students are savvy with money, let alone experienced with invoices and payments. I must admit, my son had it pretty easy in high school. We paid for his cellphone, and his paycheque was deposited directly into his bank account, which meant he used Interac for most of his purchases. There were no credit card statements or bills for him to worry about.

When his Sheridan fee invoice appeared, he was quick to throw it my way for a look. At 17, he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it or how to proceed. Yes, he excelled at computers and coding, but his money sense at the time left something to be desired. (The first time I witnessed him paying for something with cash he told the store clerk to “Keep the change” because he couldn’t be bothered with coins. Our first “money talk” soon followed.)

We went over the Sheridan fee invoice together and figured out where he fit in the process. Keep in mind, each student will have a slightly different payment plan, with its own timelines and responsibilities.

Students can view their fee invoice online by logging onto myStudent Centre through AccessSheridan. There they will be able to click the “View My Fee Invoice” link. The invoice will outline which payment options are available with due dates for each one. It also breaks down the cost into individual program fees and terms.

Depending on the payment method your student chooses, it may take a few days to process, so make sure to allow enough time for it to reach Sheridan by the deadline.

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