What Is a Blog?


A blog is a great way to get to know someone. Think of it as a cross between an online conversation and an information hub. It’s a website dedicated to a particular topic — in our case, parenting a post-secondary student — written by people passionate about the subject.

When we decided to create this blog, friends asked me what it was about. I told them it was a way for parents to keep informed about their child’s journey into post-secondary education, but that it was also an outlet for us to share any thoughts about the process. “Oh, you mean like helicopter parenting?” One friend asked, only partly joking.

By knowing what to expect, I think we can let our kids go with confidence. Let them find their way. It’s not being overprotective to be informed.

We’re here to give you the tools you need to set them off on their own path and allow them to grow into self-sufficient adults.

I’ve always been the kind of parent who lets her kids learn on their own. I didn’t drive them everywhere, they learned how to take the city bus. I didn’t cook them every single meal, they learned how to cook and they packed their own lunches. I definitely didn’t clean their rooms! What I did do was offer support when they needed it. Lots of it.

When my son first applied to Sheridan he had many questions about his program and the application process. He’s not the most communicative boy so I really had to press him to pick up the phone and get the answers he needed. I felt it was important that he understood the process involved and, most importantly, learn how to talk to people. He discovered very quickly that the admissions staff at Sheridan are very nice!

Our hope is that we can ease the transition from high school to post-secondary by providing tips, advice and encouragement. Look to us for new posts throughout the year as your student embarks on this next phase of their life. We are parents, just like you. Why not help each other out?

Jennifer Lloyd

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